AGDA ICOGRADA Conference, Brisbane

8 11 2010

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Icograda/AGDA Design Conference in Brisbane for two full days of creative inspiration. Speakers from around the globe presented on the topic of ‘Optimism’ to an eager audience of designers assembled from around the country.

For me, the stand-out speaker was Paul Hughes, strategic director and partner of Lava in the Netherlands, who gave a passionate and thought-provoking presentation on his views on design.

Paul’s 3 key points of advice for design were:
1. Design Impermanence (don’t design for permanence. Recognise that things change.)
2. Design Incompleteness (Allow for others to complete. Allow for co-creation. Allow room for involvement.)
3. Design Imperfect (Create perfection through imperfection.)

He also identified 3 levels of design:
1. Components (Form and functions.)
2. Connections (Connections between components. A System and a Process.)
3. Context (Design a context around the components that are connected.) This is the space he encouraged designers to work in.

Also of note was Eike Konig, the creator of creative studio HORT in Berlin. Great to hear him present as he has been an inspiration to me personally over this past year.

Adelaide designers, Chris Edser and Yianni Hill, gave us an overview of The Australia Project, a series of creative initiatives aimed at critically examining the Australian identity. A great local initiative.

The rest of the speakers were a mixed bag, each providing a different perspective on the theme.

All in all an inspiring two days in Brisvegas 🙂





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