Creative Director, Ecocreative

2 07 2011

Now 2 months into my new position as Creative Director of sustainable design and communications company Eco Creative, I’m finally catching my breath.

Hitting the ground running, I joined the team in their busiest season, the lead up to the end of financial year, and got stuck into the job at hand. I inherited a team of talented and hard working designers to lead, as well as a team of dedicated and skilful management staff to work alongside.

Coincidentally, the entire design team has colour references for names: Senior Designer Nigel Black, Illustrator/Multimedia Designer Robin Green (he wins in a sustainability company!), Graphic Designer Clare Andrews (Clare means ‘clear’) and the name Boyd means ‘yellow’. A colourful bunch indeed!

It is inspiring to be working within a company so deeply committed to environmental sustainability. It is no small feat that Director Matthew Wright-Simon has managed to stick true to his vision of sustainability in such an unwavering fashion. It certainly adds another dimension of time, effort and consideration to the work-flow of any project coming through the studio, though rather than be seen as a distraction or interference, the team at Ecocreative actively pursue clients and projects that fit the sustainability criteria and take on the unique problems as exciting challenges. I’ve never seen others get so excited about a new recycled printable plastic hitting the market or anyone actually bothered to care about what happens to end products after they’ve been used by the client. Reduce, reuse, recycle is certainly core to Ecocreative’s philosophy. The end result is projects that are often more creative, engaging and inspiring, while being produced at a lower cost to the client and without a compromise on quality.

Any stereotype of laid-back tree-hugger designers that may be conjured certainly doesn’t hold true (at least the laid-back part!). While the team compost kitchen waste and drink organic lattes, the feverish work pace, genuine care about project outcomes for clients and the commitment to quality are certainly second to none in my experience. There exists a strong set of personal values in each of the team members and a powerful self-belief that the company is an agent of positive change.

On the experiential side, I am enjoying working in a company where I have already had business meetings walking alongside giraffes and lions, regular organic pizza lunch meetings and Friday Dance-offs. I’m enjoying the neighbouring French patisserie and the city-village style of our Hutt Street location. Above all, I’m enjoying connecting the values of my personal life with my work life at much a deeper level.

Please visit Ecocreative’s website for a look at the kind of work we produce and to learn a little more about the company. You can also become a fan of our Facebook page.

Ecocreative is a leading sustainable communications consultancy dedicated to communicating messages that bring about positive change.
We provide communications, education and management support to many organisations at the national, state and local level.
We are devoted to creating and delivering print, electronic and constructed media of the highest quality, always with a deep commitment to sustainability.

 – Boydsta!




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